The Wave 2.

5 03 2009

So now I have read new chapters in our novel study book and lots of new things have gone on. Now the kids history teacher, Ben Ross, has started and introduced The Wave to all the kids in his class. He has taught them the salute and the motto that goes along with the group. Their motto is ‘ Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community, Strength through Action’. I found that this was a very good motto for a group that all works together. Now that Ben Ross has started The Wave, all the kids have been acting differently. They all get along like they are all equals even if they arent on the football team or if they are the class loser. All the kids now think that they are all equal because they are all part of the new group, The Wave.

If I was part of this class and I was now part of this new group that my history teacher started, I really wouldnt know if I should join it or try and convince people to stay they way they were and keep all the groups the same. Although, The Wave does have its good points. Some of these good points is that everyone is treated equally and not pointed away because they have a different hair cut or they look differently than the other people. But, there are also bad things. All the kids are thinking the way that their teacher wants them to think. They are all getting brain-washed and dont know how to think for themselves anymore. This is why I think that joining The Wave is a bad idea because in the end, you just end up hurting yourself.


Smart Set Project.

25 02 2009

In class we have started yet another project called Smart Set. What we have to do is pretend that we are 25 years old and we are working for a company called Smart Set. They are a design firm that builds huge buildings and office towers around the world and they are looking to open another one outside of North America.

What we have to do is choose somewhere around the world that we think would be a good place to move the company to. We then have to find things about the city that would make the company want to expand there. I have picked Sydney, Australia. I picked this city because I thought it would be interesting to find out things about it and I thought that Sydney would be a nice place to open up a business. So far through out my research I have found out lots. I now know that it is very expensive to buy a house or an apartment in Sydney so it may not be the best place to bring a company because it would be hard to house them. I have also found out about some of the landmarks that are there. I also know the climate, the cost of air fare to fly from Winnipeg to Sydney, I know the types of jobs that are there, and I know how the peple get around and what their government is like. If I was the owner of this company I would want to move the company to Sydney because I think that Sydney is a nice place and that the population is big enough that the company would survive living there.

This is a video showing the New Years fireworks in the Sydney Harbour.

The Wave .

25 02 2009

In class, we have now started a new novel study. It’s called The Wave. The book is about a class that is studying and learning about the Holocaust and the concentration camps that Hitler built. They are also learning about what went on in World War II. What goes on is that the teacher in the story, Ben Ross, starts a army of his own with the students. He is trying to show the kids what it was like for the Jewish people back in the 1940s. But there are a few select people that wont join and are scared the history is going to repeat itself. Just to add, the story about this class and teacher, is all and completely true.

If i was one of the characters in this story and I was in this class and had everyone around me start and be part of another Holocaust, I was be really scared. I would be scared for my life and for the people and things around me. I wouldn’t want to join any groups or start any either. If I was Laurie, I would try my hardest for people to try and see what they were doing to people and how this is having a huge affect on the world and community around them. In the beginning of the story, when they are watching movies about all the concentration camps that Hitler built to get rid of the Jewish people in Germany, I would do exactly what Laurie did. Go and ask questions about why he did it and why he would pick the Jews so blame everything on. I would also ask what they did with all the people that were killed or died there. I would also inquire on meeting one of the people that has survived the concentration camps and ask them what their experience was like.

In a couple of days, my group will get to read the next 4 chapters so I will keep an update on what is happening and what Laurie and the other characters are up to.

Bed and Closet Combined ?

19 02 2009

I was looking throughout my iGoogle tabs and I looked down onto my DVICE tab and I saw that someone is building or has already built a new kind of bed. It is a new bed that is shaped like a space ship but their is also two more additions to it.

What they are is that there is a canopy connected to the bed so it makes everything nice and quiet and isolated while you are trying to sleep. The next addition kind of took me by surprise. What is attached to the back of this bed is a actual working closet. It holds your whole wardrobe unless you are one of those people who push their bed up against the wall like me. I think that this is pretty cool because it saves space in your bedroom because with a closet attached to your bed there is no need for a dresser or a closet.
If you would like to check out more cool things like this bed, check out DVICE.

World Vision.

19 02 2009

In class we are doing a small project on NGOs (non-governmental organizations). We had to pick one from the many that exist and find out a whole bunch of stuff on them. I picked World Vision. I picked this organization because I have seen their commercials on TV and I have always wanted to know more about what they actually do and what actually goes on and how to sponsor a child.

World Vision is an organization that helps children and parents in small villages in Africa be able to drink clean water, eat good edible food and go to school to be able to get an education. All the projects that the sponsor and start are all over the world. They currently have people in North America, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. There most frequently used office in Canada, is the one that they have in Toronto. World Vision first started China when the found, Bob Pierce, came across a woman with a little child. She asked him what she should do about the child because she couldnt support it anymore. He gave her 5 dollars and promised to give her that amount of money each month. After this encounter, he started making an organization to help the problem of starving kids in Africa. In 1950, Bob Pierce held his first meetings in Canada to discuss what he had learned in Asia and then in 1954, the first Canadian World Vision office in Toronto. And then in 2007, they found out that Canadians have sponsored over 454,309 around the world. I think that this is a great way to stop world hunger and its a great way to get more kids into schools and to get them a good education.

Aids, How to Prevent Them.

12 02 2009

On February 4th, 2008 visitors went to the primary school in the Nata Village. His name in Peter Martinez. He was invited there to talk about AIDS/HIV to the kids that go to school there and how to prevent them. Although he was there to talk about how to prevent them from getting the virus and spreading to other people, the children werent interested in that. All they wanted to know was just about the virus itself.

After Peter was done talking about the virus and was almost ready to leave, the children kept asking if he was going to come back to the school again. They actually wanted to know about other health issues that surround the world. He promised to come back next week and talk about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections). He also promised to start an English Club, to teach the children at the school the proper words in English so that they would understand more about the deadly disease.

I think that it is so great that all the children that go to the Nata Village Primary School are so interested in knowing about all kinds of medical issues and health concerns. I just hope that with them knowing about all these issues and concerns so early, they will know how to prevent them in the upcoming future.

Deadly .

8 02 2009

So, I was looking through my iGoogle tabs in my spare time and I ran across one post from a blog that really caught my eye and made me think about a lot of things. The post was called ‘China drought deprives millions of drinking water’.

Millions in China are suffering because of a very severe drought that is taking place right now. State television has said disaster relief officials are saying that 4.4 million people and 2.1 million cattle lacked okay drinking water. Media in China are now describing it as one of the worst droughts that has happened in half a century.


Lots of money is being lost in this drought because of the farms and farmers tha need the water to be able to grow and harvest grain and other things. There is also a problem with the rural incomes getting so low that the farmers arent able to afford anything anymore. I tihnk that this is really big problem because if this drought continues then the farms cant harvest anything and nothing will be getting produced.