Sydney, Australia .. fit for Smart Set?

19 05 2009

So in class we have been doing this project called Smart Set.  Most of you may know already since I have been posting other blogs posts from before. But now that we are getting started with Social Studies again we have to do our big presentation. What we have to do is make a presentation, whether its on photostory, googledocs, or powerpoint. We have to choose a place around the world and say why it is able to hold a good company. I have chosen Sydney, Australia for my city. Watch my presentation to see why I chose this city and why it is capable to have Smart Set.




2 responses

29 05 2009

wow, nice presentation, really nice pictures. sydney australia is really a great place. i’ve been there and its awsome. theres so much wildlife, and it’s home to one of the coolest animals in the world, the kangaroo. i’ve seen one before. i’ve seen the opra house, and i’ve been to the beaches there. great choice!

29 05 2009

I read that yuor doing a presentation for your class on syndey Astrialia. i like that you gave a link so we can see your presentation and you’ll do good.

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