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24 03 2009

Well, all the sports for Frontier Gamers are over and the snow is slowly starting to melt. We have recently gotten a big snowstorm but a lot of it has already started to melt. A lot of our roads here are really icy and slushy thanks to the sun melting the snow and then it raining the next day, turning all the slush into ice.

Recently I have been out skidooing and such. There really isnt that much to do here in the  past couple of weeks because a lot of people including myself have been sick with this really deadly virus that has been going around the school and town. There is also strept throat and Mono going around the town. Lots of people have been getting tested for both because I’m sure no one wants that. Nothing else really has been going on in the town of Snowlake except for the fact that they are talking about re-opening to HBM&S Mine sometime in the next 6 months which will be good for the town.

Anyways, silent reading is over and I have to go .

talk to you all later, alysa 🙂




3 responses

26 03 2009

Wow, it seems like a lot of action for a small town.
In our town and school we notice when viruses and colds get around, and we hear about programs being started and ended. But we’d never hear so much about those things in our bigger town.

26 03 2009

I have Never been in the snow before i hope you had lots of fun. I would one day like to experience sports in snow on day since i love to play sports, but i aint a big hockey fan to watch the games. I hope i ever get a chance to play sports in real snow.

1 04 2009

wow, I have never skidooed in my life. that sounds like so much fun.

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