The Wave 4.

23 03 2009

This is the last set of chapters in our novel study book we have been reading. In this set of chapters a lot actually goes on. Laurie and David break up and get back together, Laurie gets threatened by the members of The Wave, The Wave is taken too far and then once and for all, stopped. Mr. Ross finally realized thanks to help of David and Laurie, that he has taken this ,what started out as a school project, way too far. He has people getting beaten up or threatened because the wont join The Wave, parents getting upset over their childrens sudden changes in additude.. everything. There isn’t one thing that may have gone the way that he had planned when he started this project. Now its a monster.

If I was one of these people standing on the sidelines watching all of this change happen, I dont know if I would do anything to stop it. I would probably mention it to my parents or talk to a teacher about it, but I wouldnt go to extremes in trying to stop all this madness. If I was one of the people involved with The Wave.. I dont know if I would realize that this is a horrible thing or if I would just go along with it like everyone else. I know I wouldnt believe other people if they said that I was getting brainwashed by my history teacher. I probably wouldnt believe anything anyone said because I would be so caught up in having to make a perfect group and have  no issues with it. Would you try and stop all of this, or would you sit there and let it happen ?




2 responses

26 03 2009

Looking at the kind of person I am, I’d probably try my best to stop and prevent the Wave. Did you read the rest of it? It really sounds interesting. Great blog.

27 03 2009

Trying to fit in van be hard, but I would have probably went on with it, not thinking that it was something so horrendous. Well, good post, and I like the way you finished the post.. Good Thinking. I can’t believe it is my last day.. I am going to miss you Alysa. ❤ Hopefully I can come back here soon.

Byee, xxoxxo.

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