Would you help, or stand by and let it happen ?

12 03 2009

Have you ever seen someone chain up an animal or hit or hurt an animal in someway? This is all called animal abuse or animal cruelty. Lots of people all over the world have recognized this happening and have done something about it, but there are also lots of people out there who just sit there and watch it happen. There are also lots of organizations and companies that are against animal abuse too. But are they all actually helping?

Lots of people use and or have seen the dog and cat food, Iams. Well, the people from Iams actually are one the most abusive companies I have seen out there. Then there are organizations like Peta, who are out for helping animal abuse but in the wrong way. Lots of people in the world get their food from animals. For example, cows, chickens, moose, geese etc. But Peta wants everyone to stop eating animals all together. Although, not a lot of people are going to give up eating meat and even drinking milk because it is animal abuse. Would you? I know I wouldn’t.

I know lots of people in my class, including me and my friends, are against animal abuse and want to help out in any way we can. But I want to know, would you help animal abuse or would you just stand there and let it happen ?




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13 03 2009

I did a traping course in the beginning of the year were I learned stuff like surviver skills and to treat a animal in the right way, and one ogf the things we ahve learned is, You get 2 different organizesations in Manitoba, 1 Is were you can kill a animal but you have to treat it with respect and dignity, 2 This is the bad one they say that this organizesation says that you are abusive when you have a house. That I think it is just wrong because most people don’t abuse house pets ( Cause that is just plain wrong ) and why would they have the pet if they don’t care about it, They say your not aloud to animals or kill them, but I bet the people who works there have house and eat meat.

19 03 2009

Nice article people should reallyu do something about animal cruelty.

19 03 2009

It’s sad when an animal is abused. I own a cat, and I would never want to imagine someone abusing her when I’m not looking. I’ve always loved and cared for animals, whenever I see someone being rude or abusive to an animal, I try my best to stop them and call them out on their nasty habit. Amazing blog.

19 03 2009

I always wanted to help out but I never find out how. I think animal abuse is very wrong adn I want to help out. I pets fo my own .I have two dogs and 2 birds.

20 03 2009

Hello, my name is Jacinta and I am from Victoria, Australia. Live around Port Phillip Bay. At my school you can see the bay. I love Australia and we have so many opportunities to do things but when I am older I would think to go to a little island near Vanuatu and work with the kids there. Where would you like to go on holidays? / Your fantasy trip. Where have you travelled to. From jacinta

24 03 2009

I also don’t like animal abuse its very cruel. i had no idea Iams the food company supports abuse of animals. Meat is an important source and no one will give it up for anything.

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