The Wave 3.

11 03 2009

We have now read chapters 9 to 12 of our novel study, The Wave. The kids in Mr Ross’s senior history class have become more and more involved with The Wave and lots of people now think that the have taken it too far. People are getting threatened and beaten up because they refuse to join the group. Laurie and David have now broken up.. for now anyways. And the word is going around their school that The Wave is was the best thing to ever happen. But there are a lot of other people who beg to differ. Lots of people in the school that have gone to one of the group meetings or that know someone in the group do not want to join. They all think that their friends and peers are getting too caught up in the group and think that they should get out while they can before it goes too far.

I agree. I think that if I was one of the students in that school and got asked to join The Wave, I would have to say no. I dont think I would even think about it. If I was Laurie and was in her situation, I would probably do the same thing that shes doing. I would just keep away from The Wave and everyone that has joined it. I would also probably want to keep people from joining it even if they do get hurt. There is no right for people to abuse others because they wont follow in what they are doing. To let all you know, this story is completely true. The only things that may have been changed are the peoples names in the book. I highly recommend people reading this book, even if I’ve only read a little bit of it.




2 responses

11 03 2009

Wow, this book sounds very wierd. I have not ever heard of a book called the Wave 3 thanks for informing me on that book. Maybe ill go look for it at the libary.

12 03 2009

Sounds interesting. I read a bit of a summary online. I like the plot, I might go ahead and read it myself.

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