Smartset 3.

11 03 2009

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a totally different place ? Well, compared the Canada, Sydney, Australia is. I have recently been on other peoples blogs that live in Australia and not only is the actual place different, the way the people talk is different as well. I have noticed that when people have friends that say different things, the friend will start to say that as well. I noticed this because I was at one persons blog and then went to another persons and they had said that they were friends with the previous person, and they ended up saying pretty much the same thing. I found this very interesting because it shows us that our friends have a huge influence upon us.

I have also been reading through some of my RSS feeds lately and not many of them have changed. All that I have noticed is that here was more information added the Global voices online feedAustralia: Reaction to “Cricket Terror” ‘This post is about how people from Pakistan going to Australia and taking over all the cricket teams. I didnt think that this was that interesting for me because I dont personally know the rules of Cricket and I dont really know the sport all to well. This is all I know so far, I will keep updating you on more information.




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14 03 2009
Townsville Talk Forum


I’m enjoying the site.

Keep up the Good work.

Love Heaps


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