Smartset 2.

6 03 2009

So like before, I have done more and more research about Sydney, Australia and I have learned a lot more than what I had known before. I now have 2 RSS feeds that I am currently getting information from that is coming from Australia. One of the feeds is from Global voices online and the other is a blog that I found searching around on the Internet.

Some new information that I now know is all the recreational things that there are to in Sydney, all the services and places you can eat and also all the museums and art galleries. I have also found out more information on the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. I know that the opera house was completed in 1973 which leads it to be not that old. I also know that it is considered a symbol of the city. I found this very interesting, I thought that the Opera House would of been much older.

I also know all the prices for the tickets of flights to Sydney from Winnipeg. They arent that expensive but they arent too cheap either. Most of them come in at around $1500. I now know that not alot of people drive their cars in the city either. They dont do this because the city is too crowded and that there usually isnt anywhere to park, so most people take buses, trains, subways, taxis or some just walk around town.

Some local news that is coming from Australia is that they have made a new movie about a Lebanese gang. There are also talks about a big cricket terror. I personally read these and didnt understand much because I dont know anything about the topic. I still thought that they were interesting though.




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