The Wave 2.

5 03 2009

So now I have read new chapters in our novel study book and lots of new things have gone on. Now the kids history teacher, Ben Ross, has started and introduced The Wave to all the kids in his class. He has taught them the salute and the motto that goes along with the group. Their motto is ‘ Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community, Strength through Action’. I found that this was a very good motto for a group that all works together. Now that Ben Ross has started The Wave, all the kids have been acting differently. They all get along like they are all equals even if they arent on the football team or if they are the class loser. All the kids now think that they are all equal because they are all part of the new group, The Wave.

If I was part of this class and I was now part of this new group that my history teacher started, I really wouldnt know if I should join it or try and convince people to stay they way they were and keep all the groups the same. Although, The Wave does have its good points. Some of these good points is that everyone is treated equally and not pointed away because they have a different hair cut or they look differently than the other people. But, there are also bad things. All the kids are thinking the way that their teacher wants them to think. They are all getting brain-washed and dont know how to think for themselves anymore. This is why I think that joining The Wave is a bad idea because in the end, you just end up hurting yourself.




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