The Wave .

25 02 2009

In class, we have now started a new novel study. It’s called The Wave. The book is about a class that is studying and learning about the Holocaust and the concentration camps that Hitler built. They are also learning about what went on in World War II. What goes on is that the teacher in the story, Ben Ross, starts a army of his own with the students. He is trying to show the kids what it was like for the Jewish people back in the 1940s. But there are a few select people that wont join and are scared the history is going to repeat itself. Just to add, the story about this class and teacher, is all and completely true.

If i was one of the characters in this story and I was in this class and had everyone around me start and be part of another Holocaust, I was be really scared. I would be scared for my life and for the people and things around me. I wouldn’t want to join any groups or start any either. If I was Laurie, I would try my hardest for people to try and see what they were doing to people and how this is having a huge affect on the world and community around them. In the beginning of the story, when they are watching movies about all the concentration camps that Hitler built to get rid of the Jewish people in Germany, I would do exactly what Laurie did. Go and ask questions about why he did it and why he would pick the Jews so blame everything on. I would also ask what they did with all the people that were killed or died there. I would also inquire on meeting one of the people that has survived the concentration camps and ask them what their experience was like.

In a couple of days, my group will get to read the next 4 chapters so I will keep an update on what is happening and what Laurie and the other characters are up to.




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