Smart Set Project.

25 02 2009

In class we have started yet another project called Smart Set. What we have to do is pretend that we are 25 years old and we are working for a company called Smart Set. They are a design firm that builds huge buildings and office towers around the world and they are looking to open another one outside of North America.

What we have to do is choose somewhere around the world that we think would be a good place to move the company to. We then have to find things about the city that would make the company want to expand there. I have picked Sydney, Australia. I picked this city because I thought it would be interesting to find out things about it and I thought that Sydney would be a nice place to open up a business. So far through out my research I have found out lots. I now know that it is very expensive to buy a house or an apartment in Sydney so it may not be the best place to bring a company because it would be hard to house them. I have also found out about some of the landmarks that are there. I also know the climate, the cost of air fare to fly from Winnipeg to Sydney, I know the types of jobs that are there, and I know how the peple get around and what their government is like. If I was the owner of this company I would want to move the company to Sydney because I think that Sydney is a nice place and that the population is big enough that the company would survive living there.

This is a video showing the New Years fireworks in the Sydney Harbour.




2 responses

26 02 2009

I like that you attached a video to your blog of new years in Sydney Harbor.I have never heard of a project like that i hope you do good on and learn much more.

6 03 2009

Great job on your blog post!Yeah Housing seems to be really expensive in Adelaide also, for A little apartment there it’s liek the same coats for a big house here. In Adelaide there is very little availible to rent or buy is it the same in Sydney?

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