World Vision.

19 02 2009

In class we are doing a small project on NGOs (non-governmental organizations). We had to pick one from the many that exist and find out a whole bunch of stuff on them. I picked World Vision. I picked this organization because I have seen their commercials on TV and I have always wanted to know more about what they actually do and what actually goes on and how to sponsor a child.

World Vision is an organization that helps children and parents in small villages in Africa be able to drink clean water, eat good edible food and go to school to be able to get an education. All the projects that the sponsor and start are all over the world. They currently have people in North America, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. There most frequently used office in Canada, is the one that they have in Toronto. World Vision first started China when the found, Bob Pierce, came across a woman with a little child. She asked him what she should do about the child because she couldnt support it anymore. He gave her 5 dollars and promised to give her that amount of money each month. After this encounter, he started making an organization to help the problem of starving kids in Africa. In 1950, Bob Pierce held his first meetings in Canada to discuss what he had learned in Asia and then in 1954, the first Canadian World Vision office in Toronto. And then in 2007, they found out that Canadians have sponsored over 454,309 around the world. I think that this is a great way to stop world hunger and its a great way to get more kids into schools and to get them a good education.




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20 02 2009

That’s great.
Usually I see these kind of commercials but don’t care so much to research it, but this gives me a bunch of information on where all that money is going too.

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