Bed and Closet Combined ?

19 02 2009

I was looking throughout my iGoogle tabs and I looked down onto my DVICE tab and I saw that someone is building or has already built a new kind of bed. It is a new bed that is shaped like a space ship but their is also two more additions to it.

What they are is that there is a canopy connected to the bed so it makes everything nice and quiet and isolated while you are trying to sleep. The next addition kind of took me by surprise. What is attached to the back of this bed is a actual working closet. It holds your whole wardrobe unless you are one of those people who push their bed up against the wall like me. I think that this is pretty cool because it saves space in your bedroom because with a closet attached to your bed there is no need for a dresser or a closet.
If you would like to check out more cool things like this bed, check out DVICE.




2 responses

20 02 2009

Oh what a space saver!
That’s a great blog, kind of hard to imagine though.

26 03 2009

That is very cool and interesting! I love this bed I will acyaully like a bed like this I wish there was differnet colors also. I also push my bed to the walls though. hahaha wellz nice vlog šŸ˜€

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