Aids, How to Prevent Them.

12 02 2009

On February 4th, 2008 visitors went to the primary school in the Nata Village. His name in Peter Martinez. He was invited there to talk about AIDS/HIV to the kids that go to school there and how to prevent them. Although he was there to talk about how to prevent them from getting the virus and spreading to other people, the children werent interested in that. All they wanted to know was just about the virus itself.

After Peter was done talking about the virus and was almost ready to leave, the children kept asking if he was going to come back to the school again. They actually wanted to know about other health issues that surround the world. He promised to come back next week and talk about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections). He also promised to start an English Club, to teach the children at the school the proper words in English so that they would understand more about the deadly disease.

I think that it is so great that all the children that go to the Nata Village Primary School are so interested in knowing about all kinds of medical issues and health concerns. I just hope that with them knowing about all these issues and concerns so early, they will know how to prevent them in the upcoming future.




2 responses

16 02 2009

Thats is a very nice thing he did of informing the kids about aids. I hope they understood this talk and that it’s help full in their future.

20 02 2009

Wow, that is very nice to teach the kids about something important like this very nice blog. Yeah we kinda had a talk like this but on a different subject .

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