Deadly .

8 02 2009

So, I was looking through my iGoogle tabs in my spare time and I ran across one post from a blog that really caught my eye and made me think about a lot of things. The post was called ‘China drought deprives millions of drinking water’.

Millions in China are suffering because of a very severe drought that is taking place right now. State television has said disaster relief officials are saying that 4.4 million people and 2.1 million cattle lacked okay drinking water. Media in China are now describing it as one of the worst droughts that has happened in half a century.


Lots of money is being lost in this drought because of the farms and farmers tha need the water to be able to grow and harvest grain and other things. There is also a problem with the rural incomes getting so low that the farmers arent able to afford anything anymore. I tihnk that this is really big problem because if this drought continues then the farms cant harvest anything and nothing will be getting produced.




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