More Bad News.

19 01 2009

So, a weekend after hearing about what had happened with the mine, more bad news came our way. Last Saturday night, a teenager from Snow lake was out on the far side of the lake at a fire with a bunch of friends. Of course, knowing teenagers there was alcohol and drinking involved. Around 3:00am, one of my brothers bestfriends drove away on his ski-doo and ended up crashing into rocks on a side of an island, in the middle of the lake. 3 of his friends soon found him and rushed to the hospital. Since we live in such a small town, the hospital here cant cover this type of injury, so they had to called for a helicopter from Winnipeg to come and get him.

He has had 2 surgeries since that night and is now in intensive care. Most people in this town know him well and hope the best for him. There are lots of details going into this, but I feel like it isnt anyones business but his friends and families. Everyone here hopes you do well and hope you come back better than ever !




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