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12 01 2009

Where I sit in my classroom, I am facing a big map of the world. A lot of the time when I’m looking at it, I always think… Where would I want to live if I didnt live in Snow lake? Well thinking about it for the past couple days, I figured out that if I had to move somewhere extraordinary, I would probably move to either Australia or Los Angeles. Australia is so nice and warm and friendly and just plain beautiful. But Los Angeles in es is busy, and famous and fun! Lots of my friends that have visited both places say they are amazing… but are they really? I mean both places have their ups and downs. They both have poverty and they both have wonderful landscape and people.

If you had to choose one place to move, other than the place you live now, what would it be? Give me your reasons for your pick.




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13 01 2009

Hmm, instead of Australia or LA you should move to California and get a 3 million dollar condo and share with me =]

If I had the chance to move anywhere else in the world, I actually don’t know where I would go. I’m not sure if I could handle life in the city all the time; it’s hectic even just visiting a city for a few days for me. I think I would like to live in a warmer place that has no bugs lol, like BC. I’ve been there before and its a really great place. I kinda like living in a small town, though. Who knows where I’ll end up living when I’m older.

13 01 2009
Clarence Fisher

If I could live someplace else, I think I would move to Asia. Everytime I am there, I am amazed by the size of the cities, but also by the people. Even in massive cities, people will help you out if they can. A city like Shanghai or Bangkok or Hanoi would be great.

14 01 2009

If I could move anywhere in the world..
umm.. hmm.. uhh?.. China?..no, too crowded. U.S.. Been there, to busy… Canada.. I already live here.

Let’s get to the point. I really think that I would move somewhere warm, but there has to be snow. Enough for skidooing. So I would probably move to .. Alberta. I think that it is a nice place. I would miss ya though! ❤ But I can’t stay here my whole life. I will need change at some point. Maybe 11 years here has been too long and maybe that may result in where I go.

Good Post. It made me think, something I don’t normally do. 😛

– Brianna

16 01 2009

I’d like to settle in Europe, or in country side of Japan.
But a place closer to home, I think I’d move to the mid-eastern side of the United States. Though California is nice and there’s much to see, one does grow weary after living here for so long seeing the same places.

Great blog, enforces critical thinking.

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