Omg, Not Again !

9 01 2009

I dont know if anyone knows, but Snowlake is a mining town. And a couple years back there was this huge mine that was running in the middle of town. It was called New Brittania. It was running for a couple years and then shut down because they either didnt have enough money or there wasnt anything left to mine. Im not totally sure because I didnt live here at the time. But everyone from this town moved away to other cities (ex. Flin Flon, Thompson) And the people that stayed here either didnt work for the mine or got on with HBM&S. Now since the economy is so low and we are going through another depression, HBM&S is closing down. Of course a lot of people are worried and dont know what they are going to do or how they are going to survive. This mine is not going to be closing down till the end of February and wont be shut down for ever because once the price of mineral go up again it will re-open but, this means that a lot of the towns population will lose their jobs and will have to transfer to Flin Flon. My dad some what works for the mine/mill because he halls all the ore that they bring up. But he told me that he wont be out of a job because there is still stuff that needs to be taken to different locations and other stuff. So, I dont think that I will be moving away from this town. Although, lots of people who live here, lots of my friends, both of their parents work at the mine/mill. So I am pretty worried that a lot of my friends will be moving away. I know they wont be too far away, but I’ll still miss them.

Anyways, I just though I would let you know, and I will keep updating on what I know and have been hearing. Give me your thoughts.

– Alysa =[




One response

9 01 2009

I don’t think we really need to worry about it right now.. I am scared because I only have my mom, and if Darcy was still with us we could possibly be okay. Well, whatever happens with this whole mining thing, we can get through it. Some people might have to move, but maybe in the end it might turn out to be okay.
ilu aly! 😛

– Bri*

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