Sick and Wrong.

6 01 2009

Have you ever seen someone chain up an animal or hit or hurt it in someway? This is all called animal abuse or animal cruelty. Lots of people all over the world have recognized this happening and have done something about it. There are also lots of organizations and companies that are against animal abuse too. But are they all actually helping?

Lots of people use and or have seen the dog food, Iams. Well, the people from Iams actually are one the most abusive companies I have seen out there. Then there are organizations like Peta, who are out for helping animal abuse but in the wrong way. Lots of people out there in the world get their food from animals. For example, cows, chickens, moose etc. But Peta wants everyone to stop eating animals all together. This is the form of animal abuse they are talking about. Although, not  a lot of people are going to give up eating meat and even drinking milk because it is animal abuse. Would you?

I know lots of people in my class, including me, are against animal abuse and want to help out with whatever they can. But I want to know, would you help animal abuse or would you just stand there and let it happen ?




2 responses

7 01 2009

Hey Alysa,

I like this post you’ve written. Last year I did a project about animal testing although I researched alot about animal abuse. Its a horrible thing out there that not just one person can stop. There’s absolutely no point to it. Even if people still eat meat and drink milk, why should people abuse the animals just to get it? I’m sure there’s absolutely no need for that. Companies like Iams should be ashamed, they sell products meant for animals while they abuse animals themselves. Animal abuse is a horrible thing that needs to be stopped. I wish there were more good people in the world who cared about what’s happening to these animals.

* sara .

8 01 2009

I like that you put your opinion in your blog. I also believe that animal abuse is wrong. I never seen it but in the news and in movies , but its not cool.

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