First Day Back !

5 01 2009

So today is the first day back from our holiday break. We had 16 days off. It seems like we have just gotten back from summer break. Although its like -40 outside. Over my break all I did was spend time with family and friends. It was fun. So far today, all we have had Home Ec and silent reading. After this we are going to talk about our exams that are coming up. Our exams include; English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Everyone is really nervous. about them because they are actually really hard. All they are is big tests that we have to write that covers all we have learned so far this year. We also have exams in June at the end of school. Last year was my first year in Snow lake and I wasnt here for very long. So, luckily for me I didn’t have to write the exams and I got an extra week off school. It was really boring though. All I had to do was sleep, watch TV and since I didnt have my internet ready thats all I really had to do.

Well, I have told you what I have done in the past few weeks with this post and my last one. Now tell me what you did !




One response

7 01 2009
Taylor B

We just got off our christmas break too. We had an extra week off because we had a lot of snow, at least by Oregon’s standards. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and playing in the snow. Me and a friend built an igloo that we slept in one night. Good luck on the exams.

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