2009 is almost here !

31 12 2008

So, since I havent written a post in such a long time I decided I should. My Christmas was so great. I got so spoiled. I got an iPod, money, clothes, lotion and other stuff like that. Like I had said in an earlier post I had gone to my aunts, uncles, and cousins for Christmas. It was so fun because my cousin, Brayden, got a motorized hummer toy for Christmas and it was so fun to play with. Since my aunt and uncle own a hunting lodge out of town, there was lots of great snacks and the dinner was amazing.

Anyways, enough about Christmas. This year for New Years I am most likely going out with some friends or just staying in and enjoying it with family. My brother may have people in so I think I will be going out. How are you spending you New Years ? Are you going to watch the countdown ?




One response

1 01 2009

Hey Alysa,
Sorry I never phoned like I promised, I was really busy. I miss you already bud. I can’t wait to see you, ❤ yaa!

– Briannaa

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