Winter Olympics.

18 12 2008

Well, I just got introduced so something new. Its called the Winter Olympics. What we do is there is a lot games and things that happen either here at the school or at the community hall. There are lots of games and prizes to be won.

The games are :

1. Wrapping Paper

2. Sticky Situation

3. Candy Cane Pass

4. Tic Tac Toe

5. Garland Pull

6. Pie Eating

7. Musical Chairs

8. Stocking Steal

As you can see all of these games are based on Christmas. This is all happening tomorrow afternoon, because if you dont know by now, tomorrow is our last day here until Christmas holidays here at  J.H.K. We also have a pep rally, and in our classroom we are having a potluck and a gift exchange; girls bring for girls, guys bring for guys. And then today after school all the girls and guys that were on the Junior volleyball team get to have a wind-up in the home-ec room. We have pizza and we also have a gift exchange.

Wish my class luck in the Winter Olympics and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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