Have you ever had this ?

16 12 2008

Have you ever been pressured into doing something. If yes, that it called Pure Pressure. Pure pressure is when you and maybe your friends get pressured into doing something you really dont want to do. For example, your at a party and a group of kids come over and hand you a beer. They tell you to drink it but you really dont want to. Although, that is only one form of pure pressure. The is also good pure pressure. For example, if your doing bad in school your parents can pressure you into doing your homework and actually trying hard on your work.

Most people say that they will never give in to any pressure that is put on their shoulders. But most of them never keep their promises. I mean lots of my friends and even me said that we will never give in, but we have. Lots of people my age and even younger or older give in to pure pressure to fit in with the ‘popular’ group in school or even to attend the ‘cool’ parties. There are lots of people out there who want to turn their lives around now because of what they did and what they gave in to when they were teenagers. And lots of this is because of pure pressure.

If your getting pressured to something you dont want to do, just walk away. And if it grows into something huge, like bullying or name-calling, tell a teacher or parent. They are there to help you. And if there isnt any adults around, stand up for your friends or peer. I know they would do the same for you.




One response

17 12 2008

Hey.. just thought i’d point out, it’s called Peer pressure:P

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