One more week !

15 12 2008

Holy man, I cant wait till Christmas. Here in Snow lake we only have one more school week until Christmas break. Technically we only have 4 days because on Friday we are having a potluck and a gift exchange. For people who dont know what a potluck is, its a big party type thing that people have just to have fun. What you do is you bring food, any food and just enough for some people, and then when everyone has everything there, you get to eat it all. And a gift exchange is when people go out and buy presents for other people and then you exchange the presents with them.

For our potluck there are 3 sections we had to choose from; appetizer, main course, and dessert. I choose appetizer because its the easiest. I am bringing potato skins. And for our gift exchange, Mr. Fisher said that the girls buy something for the girls and guys buy stuff for guys. Pretty simple eh? Also on the last day there are lots of events that happen just in the school. For example I think of the last day we are having a pep rally and the student council is also handing out candy cane grams. What that is, is during this week and last week people from all the classes buy these slips of paper that says To: and From:. You write who you want it to be sent to and what grade they are in and then on the last day of school your slip of paper gets sent to the person along with a candy cane I sent lots out. Also, tomorrow there is a Christmas dance but I dont know if I am going because usually they are so boring. Anyways this post is getting written during silent reading so I better go !




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