Being a teenager sucks !

12 12 2008

Don’t you agree? Or is your life picture perfect? I mean, when I was little I always wanted to be a teenager because my brother was one. He always got to stay out late, or have friends over and lots of other things. I always complained because I wasnt old enough to stay up, or go out, or watch a certain TV show. But now that I am one its actually not that great. Sure, I can stay up as late as I want, and I can have friends over and I can stay out later than what I used to be able to but once you do that stuff over and over again it gets so boring.

Teenagers also get so many more responsibility’s than little kids do. We have watch after people, clean up the house, make sure nothing goes wrong. We also have to do a lot of stuff on our own. When we were little all we had to do was have fun. Teens my age, especially girls, get so much pressure and things put on their shoulders. For example, if a girl isnt pretty or skinny enough she gets rejected. Like, thats just unfair. Guys our age just have to worry about what games they have and who to beat up next. They dont have to worry about how they look or what other people think of them.

Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again. Dont you?




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12 12 2008

Hi, Alysa. I’m Danika, and I definately agree with your post about being a teenager. Being older seemed so great when I was a kid, but now that I’m a teen I realize that I’ve got a million more responsibilities to take care of. Not to mention all the homework and projects. Well, I guess we’d better enjoy it while it lasts, though, because adults have even more stuff to do, like work and family time.
I sometimes do wish that I could be a little kid again… Don’t we all?

By the way, I love your blog layout and topic. Good work!

13 12 2008

Just wait til you get to be an adult!

16 12 2008
Bob Cotter

Loved this post. I’m a father of two girls who are now well through their teenage years and I can relate to what you have written. I’m sitting in our technical services office here in Gibsons BC and read your note to three colleagues who are starting their day. All three of these adults have teenage daughters, and one a teenage son, and concur with your observations. One of my co-workers said her daughter is wondering some of the same things you are and wishes she was 6 years old again! Another of the folks here has a daughter in grade 8 this year and her daughter has found the ‘novelty’ of high school has worn off and she misses her elementary school. Mom knows that will change, but your blog post really hit a spot. Thanks for posting it.

17 12 2008

Haha fun post, I wish I was a little kid again. All of my friends lived here, didn’t matter what you wore. Like I always used to wear blue pants and a shirt with like on a monster truck on them.

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