Roots of Empathy

11 12 2008

So in class we are starting this new thing called Roots of Empathy. Roots of Empathy is when someone with a new born child comes into our class to talk about what it is like. Right now we have Tara and her new born baby girl Ricky. This is just going to be a short post because we have to go at 1.

When baby Ricky comes into the class we have to sing a song so that she feels welcome and doesnt feel overwhelmed by all of us kids. When everyone gets settled Tara and a teacher Mrs. Spruyt talk about what the theme is for this class. For the class today it is crying. Lots of people all of Canada have this program because it teaches students what it is like and how hard it is to have and raise a baby on your own. This also helps people (teenagers) know that having a baby while your young, sacrifices your chances to travel and everything. Well thats mainly everything that goes on.

What do you think about Roots of Empathy? Do you think it affects teens? Why? Would you want it in your school?




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