Omg, thats so cool !

11 12 2008

So I was looking around on my RSS tabs and I saw something that I thought was the most amazing thing ever! People have now come up with a way to actually walk on water. Its a giant, life sized hamster ball that is called Waterwalkerz and it makes you float upon the water. I dont know exactly how this is possible but there are videos online showing how it works. I found this so amazing, dont you? What they do is they tie you up to something, say a peg, and then they let you go walk around on the water. I have seen many videos of this and apparently it is really super hard to walk, most people are just rolling around. If they were selling them here in Canada, which I’m not even sure if they are, I would definetly get one because I find this totally amazing. The thing is that where I live we dont have any indoor, or outdoor for that matter, pools. And most of these videos show people in pools walking/rolling around. I wonder if it would still work at the beach…?

Here is a video of people trying the Waterwalker out.




One response

12 12 2008

Pretty cool never thought that you could of walked on water and there is no way that you can get wet in there not even at the zipper,COOL

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