Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick !

11 12 2008

Yes, thats right. Santa’s season is finally rolling around. Wow, everyone in my class right now is so excited for Christmas. Most of my friends are getting laptops is they dont already have them. I personally dont want one. I mean like, whats so great about them. Sure you can take them around with you but they have the same features a PC has soo…. like come on. Personally myself, I am asking for a new iPod, iPod dock and a new digital camera because all of mine stopped working. And my brother gave my iPod away =[. But, Christmas isnt just about the presents. This is only my 2nd Christmas being with most of my family. Usually its just my grandparents (moms side) and my Mom, Dad, Brother and pets. Its usually so boring. Now since I moved to Snowlake I am going to be with my usual family and also my Aunt, Uncle, cousins and my other grandma, since my grandpa died last November =[. It will be so fun because my little cousins, Gregory and Brayden, keep me busy. Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas !

Love, Alysa, *




2 responses

17 12 2008

This is valery from wishing you a Merry Christmas!

18 12 2008

Merry Christmas
Happy New 2009!

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