Frontier Volleyball Results.

8 12 2008

Well, if you dont know on Thursday and Friday it was Frontier games volleyball. It was so much fun! The first game that Snow lake played, we lost both sets. But then we came back and won all of our games/sets until the very end. We all went home at 9:00pm and had to be back at 8:00am in the morning. It actually wasnt that bad. On Thursday night we had supper at the Elks Hall and then in the morning we had breakfast at the Elks Hall as well. The food was very good and it was also free. On Friday we won our first set and lost our second one. We had to play a tie-breaker set to 15 points and we ended up winning. We went to the finals and had to play Cranberry Portage and we ended up losing. We came in second overall which is still really good. We all got medals and all of the Snow lake girls ended up going out for lunch =). Good job girls ! I am also going to thank all the people that helped out with the Frontier Games and thanks to all my friends and family who came to support me and my team. Thank you all!

Also the boys played in Frontier Games and came in third. Good job boys ! Thanks for supporting the girls as well!




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