Only One More Day….

26 11 2008

Till our volleyball tournament! In case you don’t know, Snow lake is hosting a girls and boys junior volleyball tournament. It begins with 2 games on Thursday between us and Wabowden. Then that night we are hosting a big dance for all the athletes that are par-taking in the tournament. I cant wait. Usually dances here are boring but maybe, just maybe, since there are new people, it will be more interesting. Then on Friday the actual tournament will begin. I think there are 4 or 5 boys team and then 6 girls teams. On Monday during our double block Phys.Ed class we had to make posters and signs for the canteen and the teams traveling here. I still think that the Tigers poster is the best out of all of them ;P

Anyways wish us luck in our tournament and hope we do good!

– Alysa =)




2 responses

26 11 2008

Lol, only one more day. I really liked you post, it made everything seem so interesting here. Good blog and congrads on your blog counter thing mabobber!

29 11 2008

Wow, you SL students are real serious about your volleyball. Well, hope you did great.

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