Brand Spankin’ New.

25 11 2008

What I mean by Brand Spankin’ New is that I was reading my RSS tabs on Google and I found a new kind of technology that to me caught my eye. I found out that there is a new iPod dock out and it increases your video quality. I found this pretty cool because I never thought that something that you plug your iPod into could increase its quality. It is called the DLO HomeDock HD Pro.

On the back of this HD iPod dock is has inputs so that you can plug in the dock into a home theater system. This dock has the power to make your videos on your iPod into HD videos. I think that this is really cool because you cant always get HD movies onto your iPod. This new dock comes in at $399.




2 responses

30 11 2008

EXPENSIVE ! WOW , i do think it might be worth it if your going to move or go on a very long vacation and need something to watch . JUST because of that i dont think parents want to buy it for there kids . At least not mine .

4 12 2008

Wow, that’s pretty interesting.
I recently bought a new homing dock for my iPod a few days ago but didn’t spend as much, but $399 for that, it makes me wonder if that $399 is worth the features.

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