Volleyball results from The Pas

24 11 2008

Well, since I didnt write a post before about our trip to The Pas I think that I should write one now. Well on Friday, the junior volleyball team went to The Pas. We got there at around 8ish and then we had to go to the classroom that we were staying in and get all of our stuff set up. That night we played against the other team that was staying in the other classroom next to us. We soon found out that they were a really good team. After that game, we went back to our room and everyone changed and got ready to go to bed. We were all supposed to go to bed at 11:00pm but after everyone had washed their hair and their faces it ended up being like 12:00am. When everyone settled into bed the team next to us made noise until 3:00am. We got so annoyed.

The next morning everyone got up fine and then everyone took like half and hour to get ready. I mean girls these days. Everyone (including me) had to get dressed, brush their teeth, do their make-up, straighten their hair and then either leave their hair down or put it up in a pony. It was a hectic morning. But once we started playing volleyball everything was in sync. We ended losing our first 2 sets because the team we were going up against (Swan River) were an insanely good team. The next 4 sets we won. Then we were in the semi-finals. We won the first set and lost the next 2. We were upset but happy that we made it that far. We were all still hoping that we would win this tournament just like we won Flin Flon. But oh well. We have another tournament here on Thursday till Friday and hopefully we will win that one. The girls and guys did great at the tournament.

Keep up to good playing Tigers!




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