I could never do that!

19 11 2008

Wow, I was looking on my Around The World tab on my iGoogle and I found this one link that caught my eye. It was called ‘Your Old Keyboard and a Shoeshine Stand’. I thought that this was an interesting link because what does a keyboard have to do with a shoeshine stand? Well I soon found out…

This link was about some old man that lives in Africa. He found an old keyless keyboard and is now using it as part of his shoeshine stand. The old man said that if holds the show well and it keeps the shoe polish and the other materials off of him. It has serves as a non-slip surface.

Looking at when this man did with just his 2 hands and maybe some of materials, it shows that just about anything is possible. If I lived in Africa and still had the attitude I do today I could never survive there because most parts in Africa are poorer than the parts of Canada I live in.

If you would like to look at this article further more, then check out these two links here and here.




2 responses

21 11 2008

Thats awsoem IO heard of that but I never thought it was true. I know I wouldn’t survive in africa either. Very Nice blog
– Stepahnie

21 11 2008

That’s amazing. I read a blog that reported on this topic too, but it still amazes me that anyone could be as resourceful as that. You’d think a keyboard that is obsolete is useless, but it could be used for something else and serve a different purpose. Great blog.

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