Remembrance Day

12 11 2008

Since Remembrance day is actually tomorrow and we don’t have school that day we had our Remembrance day assembly today at 11:00am. In this assembly our teacher, Mr. Fisher, announced what Remembrance day was for and why we have it. He also called in the Colour Party for the flags. There were three flags. The Canada Flag, Manitoba Flag and also the Snowlake Flag.

Once that was done and all the flags were put down, Mr. Fisher called up all the classes to present poems, wreaths or just poppies. Grades Nursery through 6 had poems and grades 1 through 8 had wreaths. And then grades 9 to 12 had put down there poppies on the cross. This is actually a very special day for people here in Snowlake because are lots of World War I veterans that live here that honour all the people that have died. Tomorrow we have a day off so I will post a new post on Wednesday.




2 responses

12 11 2008

sorry alysa, i just want to tell you that the veterans are from world war II other then that you have a very good blog post

13 11 2008

We alos had yesterday off. Its very nice to know you guys also remember all the Veterans that are fighting for us. I like how you guys remeber this day. Nice blog.

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