Looking Back

7 11 2008

So for school our teacher has assigned us to look back and make a reflective post about what we have written about, how many comments we’ve left and received etc. We are also supposed to look back at our iGoogle tabs and reflect on what we’ve learned, what we can add to it, how we have personalized it etc.

Looking back at what I have been writing and talking about on my blog, really they are not all that different. Most of the blog posts that I wrote for school are pretty much all from the DVICE blog. Some of them are from the Nata Village blog and the other ones I have in my iGoogle tab. So far in the 2 months that I have been blogging I have gotten 43 comments, 1,064 hits, and I have left 29 comments. I think thats pretty good for only being 2 months into the school year. I have also added widgets to my blog like my hit counter, meta, clustr map, and blog roll. During our blogging this year we have also been connecting with kids from Los Angeles. I think that this is an awesome opportunity for us because not everyone gets to do this in their lifetime.
We also have to write about the kind of writing that we have written in. Usually if I’m just writing one of my update posts I usually just write in an informal type of writing somewhat like ‘Hey whats up? ‘ type of writing. When I’m writing my weekly blog post I write in a formal type writing. If I had to improve my blog I would write more for my blog posts and I would also write in a more interesting way because the way I write now is kind of boring.

We also have to write about we have learned from our iGoogle tab and how we have personalized it and other things. On my iGoogle page I have 3 tabs. I have a home tab, a Around the World tab and also a tab that has random things on it like my horoscope, games, pictures ect. On my Around the World tab I have my blogs. These are the blogs I use to write my weekly blog posts. I have learned so much from reading those blogs. I have learned about all the new technology that is coming out soon and I have also learned about all the things that are going wrong with the new technology. I have learned about what happening around the world, whats happening in the Nata Village and also in one the blogs they tell me information about environmentally friendly things.
On my iGoogle page there is a way to personalize it too. You can add widget and change the theme/look of your iGoogle page. I have changed the theme many times and I have also added a lot of widgets. Anyways, if I had to also improve how I used my iGoogle I would use the other blogs more because most of my blog posts are from DVICE. I would use World Changing, Afrigadget and the Nata Village blogs.

All in all I think that I use my blog and my iGoogle pretty good but there is room for improvement.




2 responses

8 11 2008
Heather Bailie

I heard on Twitter that your blog had lots of visitors so I thought I would take a look. I’m a secondary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia and I’m very interested in Web2.0 in schools. I noticed you didn’t have any dots on your Clustr map from Australia, so you will now!
I like the way you write, I get a real sense of who you are, even though I don’t know you at all.
I love my iGoogle page, I have it set up with lots of things that are useful to me, but I’m always experimenting with others. I have it set for “theme of the day” so I always look forward to opening it up for the first time each day to see what it looks like. My own children (girls aged 7 & 9) like to see the different themes too.
Happy blogging!

10 11 2008

Thank you for taking the time to review your past posts……and then share your thoughts. A lot of bloggers do NOT reflect and do not review, so good for you doing so after only 2 months!!

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!!

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