6 11 2008

Sorry I haven’t wrote a new post lately but not much of anything has gone on. I mean there has been a few things that have happened but nothing major. Although I did find out that on November 28 Snow lake is hosting a year-end volleyball tournament. I’m so excited because we haven’t hosted one yet and it’s going to be cool to be able to be at your own school rather than someone else’s.

Another thing thats coming up soon is Remembrance Day. Today in class Mr.Fisher said that we will be talking about Remembrance Day and he also said that we will be making a wreath. I’m thinking its going to be made out of poppies likes everyone else’s. Anyways, Remembrance day is a day when we mourn the loss of the soldiers that fought for our countries many years ago. Lots of families lost there family members that day and we are here to remember them. Its actually a very special day for me because I lost family members in the war. So on November 11th at 11:11am we stop and have a moment of silence for all those who lost someone that day.

I will write again soon.

– Alysa =)




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