Wow, this has gone to far.

3 11 2008

What I mean by ‘ this has gone to far ‘ is that Softbank has now decided to release a diamond-studded Tiffany phone. This new cellphone is made of Sharp with over 530 diamonds plastered onto it. Now people, who in their right mind would buy a cellphone with diamonds on it. I mean its probably pretty expensive right? Oh yeah,¬† this is probably one of the most expensive cellphones ever made. It comes in at $131, 097. Now thats ridiculous.

This cellphone is from Japan and the people at Softbank are only making 10 phones in total. I’m thinking because they are way to expensive to buy, imagine what they would cost to make? Man, I’m never buying a cellphone like this. There really isnt a point to it.

Now I only have one question for you, would you ever buy a cellphone that cost $131, 097?




2 responses

7 11 2008

And that’s what I said when I first read it.
That’s insane that people would even approve an idea like that.
It’s insane.
Thanks for the great information.

12 11 2008

wow, it really has gone to far.
Who in their right mind would buy something like this?
Thanks for the information.

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