Volleyball in Botswana!

28 10 2008

So, during silent reading today I was looking through my blogs on Google and I saw one the caught my eye. It was from the Nata Village blog. The title was Volleyball Madness! This caught my eye because I am really into volleyball and any news about it I would like to read.

So anyways, the Nata Village has a boy and girl volleyball team and this weekend they will be competing against nineteen other teams from different schools in the district. The Nata Primary School took first place in their last big tournament so this time it shouldn’t be a challenge. The team has been practicing very hard and the have been practicing everyday after school. The Nata Village team should be the team to beat for this tournament. I think that this is awesome to have in since the Nata Village is such a little town.

Here is the link to the Nata Village blog to see this post for yourself.




One response

30 10 2008

thats so awsome yeah we have a volley ball team in our school but we ahvent really got first place. I like your article alot. Nice job 🙂

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