Flin Flon Results;

27 10 2008

Wow, Flin Flon was so fun. We won first in our division and got an awesome plaque. In the last set that we played it was against one of the teams from Flin Flon and they were a really good team. But obviously we were better because we won against them 3 or 4 times.

The hotel that we stayed in was nice too. The room that I stayed in was with Hannah, Logyn, Taiya, Sara, me and Brianna, but Brianna stayed in another room. The night we got there (Friday) we got to go shopping at Wal-mart. It was so fun because I spent over $70 there and me and my friends tryed on weird clothes and took pictures. Most of them on are Facebook under Logyn and Sara’s profile. They are so funny. When we were in Wal-mart Logyn and Hannah were walking down an aisle and they went by hair-dye. Soon enough there was a box in the cart and then we went and paid for our stuff. When we got back to the hotel we ended dying Hannah’s hair and it turned out so nice. She dyed it a dark dark brown. It was funny because Taiya ended up wrecking a hotel towel ;p

Overall, the trip was a great experience and I would go to Flin Flon for a V-ball tournament anyday.

– Alysa




2 responses

29 10 2008

heey aly!
youre right , flin flon was soo fun .
i had such a good time in wallymart .
hahah , see ya .
well i guess i can see ya right now since youre beside me haha .
* sarabaracuda !

12 12 2008

wow.. if you type flin flon walmart into google, this post comes up on the second page:P

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