Flin Flon Has Finally Come!

24 10 2008

Yay! Oh my gosh, everyone is so excited. Although it does take like 2 hours to get there =( oh well, I’ll probably just sleep the whole way there =). Since Skye had to go to Winnipeg because her grandpa is sick, we have a new kid coming along with his. His name is Skyler and hes on my blog roll if you want to check him out. Hes riding in a car with me and my friend Brianna. It should be okay riding with them hopefully they aren’t annoying me the whole time. If they do I swear I will not be happy.

The volleyball teams do not have any games today but we have like 13 games tomorrow =(. The boys play at 9:00am and we ended up having to watch their game, fun fun. Right after that we have a game at I think 10:30am and then we go for lunch and all the stuff, I think anyways. I will give you more of an update about the trip when I get back on Monday.  Today will be probably the funnest because we get to go shopping for the whole day and then go back to the hotel, eat pizza, and then go swimming or watch a movie. I’m most likely going swimming but I’m not sure yet.

Anyways, wish me, my team and the boys team luck in our very first over night tournament in Flin Flon. Talk to all of you later.

– Alysa




4 responses

24 10 2008

Hey Alysa I know its silent reading but get back to me quickly.. why is Skyler coming?.. hes not a girl lol

24 10 2008

Hey Alysa. You have really good blogs so far this year i really enjoy reading them and im going to flin flon too.

24 10 2008

Nice post. You were right about us being excited. I am really grouchy today though. =( I hope Skyler listens to some good music or I will kill. Just joking. Peace, Bri.

24 10 2008

Heyy Alysa. Hope you have a fun trip in the car since im taking the handi-bus. The volleyball trip will be pretty sweet cause we are going to kick some but and shop out walmart!:P

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