1 More Day Till…

23 10 2008

VOLLEYBALL IN FLIN FLON! Oh my gosh, everyone is so excited to go and stay in a hotel, go swimming and play some good volleyball. I have to ride in a car with my friend Brianna and her mom, sister, and Jamie, another girl on the team. Luckly, I have a Nintendo DS and a Game boy Advance SP and I dont have to listen to them whine (Kelsey, Bri’s little sister). In my room at the hotel there is Me, Brianna, Logyn, Taiya, Skye, Sara, and Hannah. Are hotel room is like the best out of all of them because of the people in it (Bestfriends) and because we have no chaperone =) woo! I just wish that we weren’t in a conjoined room with Mrs.K. Oh well, chaperone or not we are going to have the best time ever!!




2 responses

24 10 2008

heyy alysa!
im sooo excited for flin flon.
its sucks that you cant ride on the bus with us =(
oh well, we will have fun tonight!!
oh, and i brought my camera!
hahah soo excited.

24 10 2008

Wow thats cool and all but you could write more and it will be fun to go to Flinflon and I can’t wait to get to the pool that will be where I’ll be most of the time Good job and keep writing cause I’ll keep reading.

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