20 10 2008

So lately, I’ve been just hanging out with friends, going to school, and going to volleyball. My life isn’t to interesting as you can see. Pretty soon, actually on Friday, the girls and boys volleyball teams are going to Flin Flon for a huge tournament. There is going to be over 12 teams there and we have to play everyone. We get to stay in a hotel with all of our teammates and friends. Its going to be great. Today at lunch, there are try-outs for the Frontier Girls Volleyball team and me and most of my friends are going to try-out. It should be okay. All we have to do is drills.

Everyone is so excited for winter. Most familys here have ski-doos and quads to go out in the snow with. Of course, being from Vancouver and around there I dont have anything to go out into the snow with because it doesnt now enough there to be able go out with ski-doos and quads. But, pretty soon I and my family are getting a ski-doo and I’ll be able to go out with friends. Cant wait!

Talk to all you guys later,

– Alysa.




One response

20 10 2008

Alysa. Sadly I can’t go. =( congradulations on making the volleyball team, I am really proud of you. Call me later!


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