Worst Cellphone Browser … Ever?

14 10 2008

Motorola has once again come out with a new cellphone. Its called the Krave ZN4 touchscreen cellphone. This new phone has a clear flip front cover thats also touch-sensitive. Which means that if you touch the plastic cover of the top of the cellphone it will react as a touchscreen. Pretty cool eh?

New Motorola Krave ZN4

Unfortunately though, this new cellphone isnt that wonderful. Many people that have bought this cellphone have wanted to through it into a wall and or wreck it somehow. The new features of this phone have cause people to get frustrated, mostly with the new web browser. Instead of it being touchsreen and using your finger you have to use a web cursor and one person said that if wouldn’t stay still and it wouldn’t click on the link that she wanted to go to. She said that she almost threw it against the wall in frustration. I think that the people at Motorola should rethink this new cellphone and try again.

This is the original website I found this info from. Heres another site to go to for more information.




4 responses

17 10 2008

Now we know not to buy this phone.
Good Job<3

17 10 2008

This is an interesting blog seeing that I used to have a Motorola cellphone. I’ll be sure to advise any of my friends who are looking to get a cellphone to be cautious of it’s common malfunctions. Thanks again and great job.

15 12 2008

ha i just got one of these a couple weeks ago, and its ok like the features are fine but the touch screen sucks

i wish i had read this before i got the phone X(

oh well

14 04 2009

Damn it! i all ready ordered it i’ll try it out but i wish i saw this sooner

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