Canadian & American Photostories; Whats the difference?

9 10 2008

In this post I will be talking about the what its like to make a photo story, the differences between a Canadian and American photo story and the similarities.

Whats Its Like To Make A Photo story.

Making a photostory for school was so much fun. It was great to get to just play with the software at first and then to actually make one of your own. In school we had to make a photostory about whats its like the be Canadian. We also had to have partners with a Gr.7. My partner was Nick. We each had our own story inside the actual photostory. Mine was about nature and Nick’s was about health care. Making a photostory includes music, text, audio recording, pictures and lots of other things. In our photo story we had to have all of these. Making one of these videos was a great experience and I would make another one in a heartbeat.

Differences Between Canadian and American Photo Stories.

There are lots of differences between Canadians and Americans and I am going to tell you some that occurred in the American photo stories from the kids in L.A. Most of the kids’ photo stories say that they are either from the Philippines or somewhere near there. Most of them are immigrants. The Canadian photo stories that I watched, most of the people were born in Canada and haven’t moved very far from where they were born. The Americans also talk about whats its like to live in America. They say that it has many cultures and many different kind of people, but America is not actually that different than Canada and I am about to tell you how and why.

Similarities Between Canadian and American Photo Stories.

There are lots of things about Canada and America that are the same. Both countries have freedom and both countries have immigrants. Canada and America also have many cultures and different kinds of people that make up wonderful and beautiful countries. The photo stories that each classes made may look different but aren’t very different in the end. Both classes talk about having freedom and health care and lots of other things. The pictures may be different but in the end the actual countries are similar.




7 responses

10 10 2008

NICE article, I really like the way you compared our american photo stories and your photo stories 🙂

10 10 2008

Your observation was enlightening and very true. I learned a how Canada and the United States are different, and yet at the same time, extremely similar. Great observation.

14 10 2008

lol. My hair does look kind of funny but I don’t care what other people think and I think Taylor is right. In the end it should look good because my hair will be longer. Peace-Brianna

14 10 2008

This is a very good post Alysa. Your observation was great and I really liked how there was a lot of differences and how you noticed them all. Along with the similarities too. Good work on a job well done.-Brianna 😀

14 10 2008

A great post Alysa! I liked how you compared the two countries. The detail in your writing was excellent, You told all of the steps to make a photo story very clearly. The question that I have for you is Why do youthink people immaigrate both to Canada and America instead of just to Canada or America?

14 10 2008

This is a good post. It is good that you had a good time making photostories. There sure is a lot of things the same between our photostories and theirs.

22 10 2008

Good job ❤

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