Monkey Bridges?

8 10 2008

Have you ever seen a monkey run across the road? Well, maybe not in Canada but people in Diani Beach, Kenya, people sure have. In Kenya, a lot of the Colobus monkeys have been killed because of being run over by cars. If this had kept on happening the species would of been extincted from Kenya. Lots of ideas were tested like road signs to slow down the speed to police men at major monkey crossing points, but nothing seemed to work. Then they came up with an even better idea and it works too. The people of Kenya came up with and built monkey bridges that go from one tree to another over the highway. I thinks that pretty cool and it saves the monkeys too.

The bridges were designed locally and made of rubber, cable, and PVC. Each of the bridges takes one day to set-up and they each cost about 500$. Not to bad right? The Colobus monkeys are naturally shy but once they saw other monkeys go over the bridges they started using them and the species were saved. Of course, some of the monkeys still dont use the bridges and just cross right over the road but at least the species is saved. Right?

If you would like to comment on some blogs about this genius idea then click here, but if you would like to read some more about these bridges click here.

This is proof that these bridges are real and the monkeys do use them.

Monkey Bridges in Kenya (video)




One response

14 10 2008

Hey Alysa, I agree with you. The monkey bridges are a cool new idea that will save this species. Do you think these could help any other animals?

* sara .

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