New Nintendo DS?

2 10 2008

Today, I was looking around on the DVICE blog page and I saw something that caught my eye. I found out that Nintendo is coming out with a new Nintendo DS. It is now called the Nintendo DSi. This is the third generation of this hand held game. It’s the same kind of idea but with a few new features.

This is the Nintendo DS Lite
The DSi now has bigger screens (3.25 inches) over 17% bigger than the originals and the entire gaming system is also a bit thinner. I think this is better because it fits in more places and its easier to carry around. Also, the makers at Nintendo have added a 0.3 mega pixel camera into the DSi, how great is that? It also has added to it, a ‘audio enhancement’. This means that you can play music and audio (podcasts etc) on you Nintendo DSi.

This is the new Nintendo DSi, it looks the same but it has a camera and a music player.
The good ol’ Game Boy Advance game slot is gone but it was replaced with a SD Card slot so that you can hold music and other audio things on you portable machine. The DS Lite will still available for people who like playing GBA games and don’t care if their Nintendo DS has a camera and can hold music, but if it was me, since I love music and taking pictures, I would wait a year and buy the Nintendo DSi instead of buying the Nintendo DS Lite. If you want to check out a couple blogs about the Nintendo DSi click here and here




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3 10 2008

Very interesting blog, both the DSi and the DS Lite sound very interesting.

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