26 09 2008

This is a photostory that me and my partner, Nick, made in computer class. It’s about what we think and like about being Canadian. It includes nature and universal health care. Hope you enjoy it!




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29 09 2008

Hi Alysa! I liked the photo story it was really really really awesome and I liked how you wrote the things you were saying on the blank slides it was really really neat and gave a cool effect.

29 09 2008

This was a really good video. It reminded me of the story that I wrote on my blog. I relate to this story because I talked about how I went with my dad skidooing, and we saw the Northern Lights. I think you did very well on this post, Good Job! =)

29 09 2008

Hey Alysa
I think it’s really cool to finaly get to see Northern lights for the first time. I don’t really even remember the first time I’ve seen Northern lights lol. Anyways you and Nick did a really good job on the topics you have chose.
Logyn =)

30 09 2008

Hey alysa. Great photostory but i think you could of talked a little bit slower it was confusing but it was still great.

30 09 2008

Heey Alysa,
I think the story you wrote about seeing the Northern Lights is really cool; that would have been a great experience. You and Nick chose pretty good pictures too.

* sara .

30 09 2008

Sweet photo story. I think you did a very good job on it with the blank slides and you had a good story. Ive seen the northern lights a billion times they’re pretty awesome.

2 10 2008

Good job on the video. you had a great voice for it and you made Canada sound completely awesome. Well keep up the good work.!!

13 10 2008

HI,I really enjoyed your story . I think you are very luck to get to see the northern lights . Here in Van Nuys you don’t really get to see that . I also liked that you said that you g et universal care and what it means , i wonder do your parent have to pay alot to the tax company . Great Photo story .

17 10 2008

hi Im stephanie, I really like your photostory. It has taught me many things that other poeple can do. Thats so awsome that you saw the northern light . Here in Vanuys we don’t really see those type of things. You canadians are lucky you have universal health care.

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