The Nata Village

19 09 2008

In this post I will be talking about The Nata Village helping out the less fortunate. The Department of Social and Community Development and the Nata Orphan Trust are helping out the poor and orphaned kids of the Nata Village to get ready for the new school semester.

Nata Village Helping The Less Fortunate

Over sixty children from the Nata Village got taken out of the village and taken to Maun, a much bigger village with lots of shopping malls. The children were treated to a good morning breakfast and a lunch. Then they got to spend 100 U.S.A dollars on new clothes for the school semester.

The Nata village has also done a lot of other good things to help out people.

The clinic in the Nata Village makes sure that all the children there are properly looked after by their parents. Every month, children have to go the the clinic with their mother or father and have to get weighed. This will see if the child is being properly looked after.

The Nata Village Weight Station

If the child is healthy then each family will get a basket full of food and formula. Because the village is so small and isolated, the jobs there is so hard to find. So that means that most parents dont have the money to travel and support their children.




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