Why Do People Steal When..

10 09 2008

When there is Copyright.

Copyright is a license that creator of an origanal art work owns to prevent people from taking their idea and using it as their own. These laws are important and make sure that the creators of that art work (music, dancing, movies, novels, pictures, drawings etc.) can make money off of them. Copyright is a very important law because if their were no copyright laws then anybody could make money of somebodys origanal art work and use it differently and build on to it.

Although, if you want to use a copyrighted art work you are still able to. This is called fair use. Fair use lets you use a little piece of an origanal art work, but the creator gets to choose what you use it for. For example, if you wanted you to use a bit of a song, you are able to, but the creator tells you what you can do with the song and what you cant. They can also charge you for using their work.

The copyright law doesnt last forever though, even though it may feel like forever. The copyright law lasts for the creators whole life and then seventy more years. Once that seventy extra years are over then the art work comes into the public domain. The public domain is when the copyrighted work is now free for anybody in the world to use and add onto without having to ask for permission. The only bad thing is, is that since the copyright law is so long, everything in the public domain is very old and not a lot of people want to use them. There is an easier way, however. This is called Creative Commons. Creative Commons is another form of copyright that lets the creator of the work share openly what that person has made and lets others use and build onto it. So why would you steal when there is Copyright?

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