Me =)

3 09 2008


My name is Alysa. I’m in grade 8 and our class is a 7/8 split. I enjoy hanging out with friends, sports, quading/dirt biking/skidooing, and other things. Todays the first day of the new school year and so far its pretty good. We have to write this blog entry because our teachers wants to the grade 7’s to get started in blogging.

Alysa =)




4 responses

5 09 2008

Hey alysa, Good job on your blog post … Did you do any blogging last year? I didn’t think you did any … anyway byee<3

5 09 2008

hi alysa good blog i like it. If you like dirtbiking and quading why dont you drive?

5 09 2008

Hey Alysa,
You make the Grade Sevens sound like they are newbies. Haha. Blogging is pretty sweet and I think you will do pretty sweet. Hope you are having a good year so far and I will talk to you later.


12 09 2008

If you ever end up driving the quad i better be there because i wont believe it if im not

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